One Eyed Doll

Photo by Ashley Di Buduo.
Photo by Ashley Di Buduo.
Photo by Ashley Di Buduo.

Thursday, Oct. 22

Austin, Texas rock duo One-Eyed Doll headlines The Vanguard. Unfamiliar with One-Eyed Doll? The rock-duo features members Kimberly Freeman on guitar and vocals, and Jason Rufus Sewell on drums. Since 2006, One Eyed-Doll has gained an exceptionally loyal and rapidly growing fan base with consistent touring. Their darkly humored, intense, sometimes quirky and theatrical rock and roll captures the hearts of metal, rock, goth and punk audiences night after night. With its newest album Witches, the duo tell the story of the Salem witch trial through abstracts. Witches features songs ranging from heavy metal, bluegrass and folk music. For more information on One-Eyed Doll’s Tulsa performance, please visit

Nehemiah Israel
Author: Nehemiah Israel