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Overcoming Anxiety

Most people experience anxiety from time to time, but for some, it’s a regular occurrence that interferes with daily life.  Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is typically characterized by a difficulty to control worry on more days than not for at least six months, with the presence of three or more symptoms. “For this disorder the key word is ‘generalized,’” says Lee...

Dental Must-Dos

Teeth and Gums: The Basics Healthy teeth and gums allow you to share a smile with confidence and can affect your overall health. For the best advice on good dental hygiene, Michael C. Fling, DDS, and Cama D. Cord, DDS, with OKC Dental Arts share their top tips. Consistency and Technique Matter Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Electric...

Centering the Mind

After such a tumultuous year, has there ever been a greater time to learn how to better manage stress? If you listen to local yoga and meditation experts, that answer would be a resounding, “No!” “Meditation is an ancient discipline that helps us pull away from the busy, chaotic world and connect to our inner self, to realize peace and...

Active Years

Exercise: the Antidote to Aging Balance and connection make life sweet, and as we begin to age, this truth becomes even more important. Older adults need a unique symmetry of movement, nutrition, community and care to make their golden years some of the best. One way to address several of these needs at once is to stay active. But what kinds...

Coronavirus 101

Oklahoma Magazine reached out to the Oklahoma State Department of Health to create a public service announcement regarding coronavirus. Here are responses to some of your questions about the disease, answered by Amanda Shoemate, epidemiologist with the Oklahoma State Department of Health Acute Disease Service. For more information go to cdc.gov.

Preventive Maintenance

Like a motor vehicle, train or an airplane, your body must undergo preparation and maintenance before any fitness journey begins, be it a simple, twice-a-week gym routine or grueling, long-term training for a marathon. Proper warmups, hydration and nutrition are all part of any pre-workout plan. “I like to compare it to a car,” says John Jackson, a trainer at Tulsa’s...